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The Last Resort Tour

The Last Resort Tour Packages
Country: Nepal
City: Kathmandu
Duration: 5 Day(s) - 4 Night(s)
Tour Category: Adventure Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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The Last Resort is set amidst sprawling terraced slopes, suspended on a high cliff-top gorge above the wild Bhote Kosi River and surrounded by dense jungle and pristine forest. You need to cross the 160 m high Bungy bridge to reach the resort. Limited access across our purpose-built bridge guarantees privacy in this magnificent area.

The grounds of the resort are meticulously landscaped. Luxurious safari tents, spaciously set in lush gardens, ensure you a quiet and peaceful stay in an exotic setting. Uniquely crafted in local stone, wood, and slate, the resort has an intimate dining hall with centuries-old wood-carving where delicious home-style food is served. The well-stocked Instant Karma bar is a great place for having chilled drinks when the day is done and you are left thirsty.


Bungee Nepal may be the most spectacular jump on the planet. At 160m high it is Nepal’s ultimate rush and one of the longest free-falls in the world. The stunning natural surroundings so close to Tibet make the jump an almost magical experience. On the day of your jump, the jumpmaster will first give a briefing. He then writes your weight on your hand and tells you in which group you will be jumping. If you have any medical problems, please discuss them with the jumpmaster. We advise you to wear closed shoes for the Bungee.


Do you think a swing is for kids? You better think again!

The Canyon Swing at The Last Resort in Nepal is the world’s highest giant swing, offering you a full-on adrenaline-filled and gravity-defying adventure. Gravity seems like a seductive and cruel mistress as you jump off the 160m high suspension bridge, then free-fall 100m into the dramatic gorge before the twin lines swing you 240m at 150km per hour!!!

Rafting: After a hearty breakfast we head right up to the top of the Bhote Kosi. Before starting there is another paddling session to refresh everyone’s memory and scrape away last night's fog (If you are staying the night). It’s all action day and we will have about 3 hours on the river.

Our fun starts at a rapid named ‘Carnal Knowledge of a Deviant Nature’ which is a long series of boulders and holes that will test your nerve and paddling skill, the rapid ends in a huge drop and from here it just gets more full-on with 6km of continuous class 3 to 4 – 4+ rapids.

After a short flat section and a passage through a lush steep-sided gorge allowing us to catch our breaths and de-clamp our hands off the paddles, yet another series of rapids begin. ‘The Great Wall’ (not always run-able), is followed by one of the most fun sections of the river ‘Liquid Bliss’, ‘Fake Right, Go Left’ and finally ‘My God What to Do?’ ends as we pull into the river sidebar for a well-earned rest and perhaps a cold beer! From here it’s all over my friends as we have lunch and pack up ready to head for the two and half hour drive back to Kathmandu


Canyoning is an amazing full-body and mind experience that enables you to explore some of the last forbidden places in the Himalayas. Swim dress and close tight shoes are necessary.


The first day of canyoning is a 10-minute walk from the resort. We start with instructions on abseiling and teach you how to abseil by yourself on the first waterfall. You gain confidence as you go through the next waterfalls and by the time you reach the 45 meters longest run you will be running down it in no time. It takes a maximum of 3 hours to complete the whole course.



Everyone who has done the first day is invited to come along on the second of Canyoning. The second day has a beautiful one-hour hike to start the trip, from where you can see a great view of mountains. It is followed by 8 abseils of a more advanced level. These abseils include a 60-meter waterfall and slides. Don’t miss a chance to jump through waterfalls. It takes around 4.5 hours and everyone is required to cross the river by using twine.


Ride from the resort to the Tibet Border through beautiful landscapes and charming villages. It is 14 km away from the resort. Set foot on the Friendship Bridge, the white line in the middle is the actual border between Nepal and Tibet! You can picnic on the way with a packed lunch or eat at one of the local restaurants in the Nepali border town Kodari.

A visit to the hot springs at Tatopani is a nice way to break up your return journey. If you are too tired you can also just put your bike off the roof of a local bus and have them drop you back at the resort.


A high wire forest adventure that challenges your personal boundaries encourages teamwork and builds confidence. In this amazing high-wire forest adventure which we’ve connected ladders, wobbly bridges, walkways, cargo nets, abseils, and zip lines on the 10 m height of trees.


Wondering. what your children should do when you are jumping? Here is a family fun activity, which main motive is to bring parents and children together. This includes activities, rock climbing, zip-lining, bridge abseiling, hiking, etc. We require a minimum of 2 children to run family fun if parents are not participating.

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