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Tansen Nep

Tansen, Nepal

Tansen is (The headquarter of Palpa district) 126km/78mile west from Pokhara. It is a Newar town within an area of 24 sq km big and situated on a steep ridge at 1372m/4501ft high elevation above the sea level. The main ethnic group Magar people are here and Newars, Bahuns, Chhetris people are here. Approximate 32 thousand populations live in Tansen municipality. Tansen has 32-34 degree Celsius maximum temperature and 7-8 degree Celsius minimum temperature. We can see the Madi valley in the south and Himalayan ranges in the West Kanjiroba to Annapurna, Ganesh Himal in the North West.

Tansen is famous for Magar culture, Newar lifestyle, Temples, Church, Palace, Dhaka (The hand- woven material and this is made into Nepali cap, kerchief, wallet, bodice, bridegroom-dress etc), Water jug (Karuwa), Wine jug, Newari cuisine (Hansko chhoela), Golf course etc. The temple and settlement are as like as Kathmandu city. The bank and internet access are available here in Tansen. In and around Tansen some famous places are following:

Amar Narayan Temple:

Amar Singh Thapa built the temple in 1806 AD. A pagoda style temple has with three tiers, fine woodcarvings with erotic carvings on base of the struts.

Tansen Durbar:

Pratap Shamsher Rana built the palace in 1927 AD. It had 65 rooms but unfortunately, Maoist people raided it in 2006 AD and now it is going to restoring with under construction. There is Baggi Dhoka (main door) which is also biggest wooden gate of Nepal. Outside the gate there is rest house known as Sitalpati built by Khadga Shamsher Rana in 1895 AD.

Ranujireswori Bhagavati Temple:

This temple is nearby palace made large by Ujir Singh Thapa in 1815 AD. When the Nepalese Army got the victory over British Army then Mr. Thapa made larger Bhagavati Temple according to promise.

Srinagar Danda:

Some 30-minute climbing up on foot to north direction situated 1490 m (4888 ft) high above the sea level. The different types of plants with pine forest are here. From the top ridge, there is spectacular view of the gorge of kali Gandaki River, snow caped mountain in the west Kanjiroba to Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Ganesh Himal in the east. The famous picnic spot are here as well as golf course for sports lovers. Different types of mammals and birds habitat are here. The sunrise, the Madi valley and southern Terai region of Nepal are visible from here. Here are 507 stone steps to climb up to the hotel.

Ridi Bazaar:

The holy place Ridi Bazaar is as like, as Benares of India is 28 km (17.39 mile) far from Tansen. Confluence of Ridi and Kali Gandaki Rivers there is a Hindu temple of Vishnu, which is believed that King Mukunda Sen. found the statue of Narayan when he took the ritual bath. Fossils are available in the Kali Gandaki River. The most important festival falls in mid - January known as Maghe Sankranti (the first day of the Nepali month of Magh), and another festival is Thulo Ekadashi falls in November, the 11th day of the full moon according to Lunar Calendar.

Ranighat Mahal:

It was built by Khadga Shamsher Rana in 1896 AD in memory of his wife Tej Kumari. It is 8 km far from Tansen and 1 km road is left to join the road to Ranighat Mahal, situated the pleasant view with the bank of the Kali Gandaki River above the rocky place. There is some rooms inside which were used to retreat for Rana family. It is called a mini Mahal and the environment so cool just near the Kali Gandaki and surrounding environment is so nice and quite.


The distance is 30 km far from Tansen. This is the Newar town with home stay concept. The temple of Ram and Sita are here.

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