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Panauti City

Panauti, Nepal

Panauti is located 33 km/20.5mile southeast of Kathmandu and it takes 1-hour time by private car. It is a municipality since 1997 and it has 6 villages including Panauti, Taukhal, Malpi, Sunthan, Subba Gaon and Khopasi. This is a Newar village with roughly 6100 population. It covers an area of 34 sq km. An altitude of 1340m is above sea level. The maximum temperature is 32 dc and minimum temperature is o dc. The people are Newars, Chhetris, Brahmins, Tamangs, Damais, Kamis, Magars, Thakuris, Sanyasis and others are in this municipality. The approximate populations are 30000 and both male and female are equal numbers. Roughly, 48% area is cultivatable.

Panauti was a commercial town in medieval time. Since Licchavi period here was a settlement. There are 3 rivers including Brahmayani, Roshi and Punyabati. This town was derived from the holy river of Punyabati mentioning by some people. It had trade route with Tibet. Here is metal works and agriculture. The beautiful rice terrace and some rivulets are here. They celebrate several festival, fairs and event here. You can see agriculture base culture, lifestyle here. There are temples, stupas, patis and stone art. There are 9 stupas and Dharmadhatu chaitya located at Wolachhen Tole. The 2 Bihar are at Agha Tole. There is ghat, sattal and pati here.

Panauti offers the beautiful Hindu Temple Indreshwor Mahadev (12th-13th centuries) which has single plinth base, pagoda type, three storied, three main gates beside north and 6 tundals. The temple dedicated Shiva destructed god in Hindu pantheon. There are others temples around here with beautiful woodcarvings. Here will be the festival like 12 years makara mela, swosthani purnima and shivaratri festival. Here is a route to go Namo Buddha takes 2 hours time by walking.

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