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Namche Bazaar

Solukhumbu, Nepal

Namche Bazaar is the staging point for expeditions to Everest and other Himalayan peaks in the area. It is also is a prosperous market town selling everything from Tibetan artefacts to trekking and climbing equipment. The visitor center at park headquarters has detailed information on various climbs in the area, memorabilia from different mountaineering expeditions, and information on the lifestyle and culture of the Sherpa people.

A historic trading hub, famous for its homemade yak cheese and butter, Namche is situated on the slope of an arch-shaped mountain, which allows you to oversee the sights of glorious mountain peaks throughout the valley, day and night. Once a capital of Khumbu, where Sherpas from neighboring villages and Tibet would gather to trade commodities, and would display their traditional arts and crafts, Namche Bazaar - to this date - hasn’t forgotten its ancient culture and royal hospitality.

The town, maintaining its reputation, is now a tourist hub since it is a gateway to the Himalayas.One of the popular stops along the Everest route.

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