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Khokana Village

Khokana, Nepal

Khokana is another beautiful Newar village located south of Kathmandu valley. It is 25 minutes far from Bungmati village towards west direction. This Newar village is popular for farming of mustard seed and product local mustard oil. We can see plenty of rice terraces here. The life style of Newar people is here. The Rudrayani temple has beautiful architecture with its pagoda style.

Just opposite of this temple there is a goat-killing pond and every year they celebrate festival, which is very popular in here. Khokana will be crowed of people when the festival offers to throw the goat in the pond and drag by many people and they kill it. This is the symbolic fight of power of this villager. Nowadays they have changed the killing system of goat and Kill the goat with sink only in the pond. Another Sikali festival has been celebrated since 1206 AD.

In this festival, villager celebrates with worship of goddess Indrayani. Khokana is the cultural tourist village where visitors can observe the religious practices, construction of buildings, life styles of Newar people, open toilets, agriculture, manmade ponds, dress, history, wells and rest houses. Local wine, Newari food and red chilly are popular here. We can see ducks only here and cannot see chickens in this village. The view of surrounding hills is so beautiful.


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