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Godavari Botanical Garden

Lalitpur, Nepal

At the foot of Phulchowki is the Godavari Botanical Gardens, a site well suited to bird watchers who wish to avoid the rigors of hill climbing.Encircled by lush green hills and surrounded by pleasant environment and natural diversity, Godavari is situated 11 km east of Lalitpur's, Lagankhel. The garden is a plantation containing exotic and local flora, and is a ‘Garden of Dreams’ for birds and bird watchers alike. The Godavari area should be visited for bird watching only on working days, as on public holidays it is a popular picnicking location and the crowds reduce the chances of seeing the more timid birds. Bird watching in and around the Godavari Botanical Gardens one come across the same birds as on the lower slopes of the Phulchowki hill. Flocks of Tibetan Serins are common in winter.The favorable climate and good soil enable a rich selection of orchids, ferns, succulents and cacti to thrive in the 24 ha (59 acres) Botanic Gardens. Unfortunately, few of these plants, typical of Nepal's wealth of flora, are marked. On Saturdays and public holidays the gardens are crowded; numerous families organize boisterous picnic parties and stroll through the park.


The weather of the place remains cool even in the summer. It is also considered a suitable habitat for numerous species of birds. The holy shrine located near a pond nestled among the foothills of rugged green hills adds to the attraction of the place. A huge festival takes place at the temple once every 12 years in the autumn season. people from around the country participate in the fair. The crystal clear water of Godavari is pure and refreshing. The spring water is supplied to different parts of Kathmandu as drinking water. Tourist can also enjoy boating at Godavari that is considered imp;ortant for its huge tourist p;otentials. The nearby National Botanical Garden is another attraction of the place. Families and couples visit the place in significant number in the holidays.


The serene environment and greenery of the park leaves an undeligible imprint on the minds of the visitors. A small entry fee is levied at the park's entrance. A 2 hour andous uphill hike from Godawari takes to the top of fulchowki hill, another enchanting tourist venue. Thge Fulchowki hilltop is a very suitable point to take a view of the Kathmandu valley. Likewise avid hikers can also choose to hike from Godavari or Fulchowki to another famous tourist spot of Lakurbhanjyang. Godavari is also favoured picnic spot.

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