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Restricted Area - Dolpo Trek Tour

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Dolpo the mystic land, having plenty of Buddhist monasteries, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, kali Gandaki George and dense forest to Tibetan plateau. Trekking to this area means having totally different experience and it has different . .
Country: Nepal
City: Nepalgunj
Duration: 22 Day(s) - 21 Night(s)
Tour Category: Trekking
Package Itinerary

Dolpo the mystic land, having plenty of Buddhist monasteries, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, kali Gandaki George and dense forest to Tibetan plateau. Trekking to this area means having totally different experience and it has different culture as well. Dolpo is located inside the Shy-Phoksundo National Park of Midwestern Nepal, behind the Dhaulagiri massif, towards the Tibetan Plateau. Cut off by a series of very high passes, closed by snow most of the year, Dolpo remains a truly isolated corner of Nepal.

Time has stood still here for centuries as the inhabitants of Tibetan stock continue to live, cultivate and trade the way they have done since time immemorial. The finally preserved Ecosystem encompasses a wild and wonderful variety of plants and wildlife, including the blue sheep and leopard. A trek through Dolpo is an experience not easily forgotten.

This trek reminds ancient trading route from India to Tibet up the Kali Gandaki valley. It gives the introduction of pilgrimage site of Muktinath (3802m). We experience a range of surroundings, from the culture of the lowland villages to the splendor of the high Himalaya. This trek gives many spectacular views of the two Himalayan giants; Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, and gives a flavor of the Tibet-like country north of Jomsom and also known as pilgrim trek for those who go there more to pray Muktinath than for trekking.

This is indeed a classic trek which allows access to the high mountains of the Himalaya within a reasonable time frame and without ascending to extreme altitude. So, these two prominent trekking areas are blended together to mix up Hindu and Buddhist culture together at a time with scenic beauty in the lap of world famous mountains.


Country: Nepal
Duration: 22 days
Area: Dolpo Region
Activities: Trekking
Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous
Max. Altitude: 5,700 M.
Seasons: March - May, Sept - Nov


Day 01: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj:

Fly to Nepalgung, a small town near the Indian border in the Terai region of Nepal, and stay overnight in this transit city.

Day 02: Flying from Nepalgunj to Juphal:

On the 2ND day, we will be flying to Juphal from the transit city Nepalhunj then we Trek from Juphal to Dunai. We will spend our night here at Dunai.

Day 03: Dunai to Chekpa 2710 m:

Chekpa is the place where we will be residing today. We slowly ascend from Dunai after breakfast. Our guide will explain the history, culture, people and the mountain of the area while on trek.

Day 04: Chekpa to Renje 3010 m:

Renje is one of the good villages of the area where gurungs and mamars are resided. It is situated at the height of 3010m. Way is not so bad to climb up to here. While walking to here you will be viewing different scenic scenes and beautiful white snow capped mountains.

Day 05: Renje to Shey Phoskundo Lake 3,700 m:

After breakfast at Renje, we ascend towards Shey Phoksundo Lake; the attraction of the trip. Dolpo trekking Zone is located by Pholsundo national park and the name of the national park is taken from this Lake. Today’s night will be spent here in the lake side.

Day 06: Phoskundo Lake Rest/Explore 3700 m

As explained in the itinerary of day 07, this Lake is the attraction of the trip. So, one extra day is separated to explore around it to know more about it. It is very nice to walk slowly around the lake situated at the height of 3700 m surrounded by the mountains.

Day 07: Phoskundo Lake to Mandala 4,570 m:

Mandala is the place considered as the best camping site of this area. While trekking up to here we, will be passing through alpine forest with different groups, small rivers rooted from mountains, hot water spring and other many natural beauties.

Day 08: Mandala Camp to Kang la (5,240m) trek to Shey Gompa (4,280m) Camping:

After Mandala, we have to pass some passes that will be encountering on our way and so it is considered the way after here is quite tough. Today, we will pass the first pass and that will be Kang La situated at the height of 5240m. After the pass we will descend to Shey Gompa where Buddhist monasteries can be seen and we will spend our night here as well.

Day 09: Shey Gompa to Saldang Pass (5,010m) trek to Namgung (4,380m) Camping:

Today as well, we have to pass another pass which situates at the height of 5010m. We have to wake up early to get ready to pass Saldang La. Toda’s way is quite ups and downs. After the pass we will descend to Namgung where we will set out camp to spend this night.

Day 10: Namgung to Yangar Gompa 3,890 m:

After being fresh and taking breakfast at Namgung, we will follow the ups and downs trail through forest and other natural beauties to Yangar Gompa to view monasteries and mountains.

Day 11: Yangar Gompa to Musigaun 4270m Camping:

Dolpo is the district to provide accommodation to the people at a high altitude land. Musigaun is one of the examples. This Village is situated at the height of 4270m where normal people living in the low land will easily get high altitude sickness. Our camping will be set around here for today.

Day 12: Rest day at Musigaun "Explore around":

Dolpo, by nature a mystic land, which becomes rich not only because of villages at the high land but also with other natural resources. Musigaun is one of the places remained unstudied minutely about its hidden aspect. So, take a rest and explore about it as much as you can.

Day 13: Musigaun to Lang La (5,002m) trek to Simegaun 3,950 m:

Again, it is the day to pass Lang La situated at the height of 5002 m. So, wake up early be fresh and get ready to ascend up to the pass and to descend till the Simegaun to reside today's night.

Day 14: Simegaun to Tin JA 4,150 m:

Breakfast at Simegaun and our guide will lead you the way up to Tin JA for today’s destination. You will be walking through forest, and rare villages.

Day 15: Tinja to Kaheng 4,550 m:

We should ascend, today, up to Kaheng where we will set our camp to reside the night. The way is not always steadily up and up and also downs. The ways in hilly or Himali region are normally ups and downs. Same kind can be found here as well.

Day 16: Kaheng to Chark Pass 5036m trek to Chark (4365m) Camping:

On eighteenth day of the trip, as it is said way to Jomsom from Dunai has to pass many passes, one of the passes has to pass today as well. The pass is Chark and it is based on the height of 5036 m. After the pass, we will descend to chark where we will set our camp to spend the night.

Day 17: Chark trek to Yak Kharka 4,780 m:

Yak Kharka is the yak grazing area where, while on trek, you can see yak grazing if on time that will add one more extra attraction to the trekking. Every day new experience can be achieved in Dolpo trekking. This is one of the examples.

Day 18: Yak Kharka to Sangda Pass (5490m) trek to Sangada Phedi (5,110m) Camping:

Sangda Pass is one of the important and easy passes of the trail to Jomsom from Dolpo comparing to other passes. We have to come at the basement of this pass to stay overnight.

Day 19: Sangda Phedi trek to Sangda 3,909m camping:

From Sangda Phedi, after breakfast and location observation, we start our journey to arrive Singda passing different kinds of monuments, scenic beauties and people.

Day 20: Sangada to Dangar Dzong 2,900m Camping:

Sangda and Dangar Dzong are the small beautiful villages in the mountain. We are approaching to Jomsom from where we will fly to Pokhara and Kathmandu.

Day 21: Dangar Dzong to Jomsom 2,710m Camping:

Jomsom is the beautiful city like village in the mountain where air and land transportation is possible to come to main road leading to Pokhara and Kathmandu. We will arrive here after the breakfast at Dangar Dzong and lunch on the way. We will spend our night over here at Jomsom.

Day 22: Fly Jomsom to Pokhara and Kathmandu 1350 m:

In the early morning, we will fly first to Pokhara then to Kathmandu. Also in Pokhara, we can have the options. Pokhara is one of the touristic city of Nepal rich in having lakes, caves, temples with modern development and being in the lap of Annapurna Himal. Here you can spend one or two days for sightseeing if time permits if not you can fly in the same day to Kathmandu. After you are in Kathmandu transfer to your hotel and take a rest for remaining of the time.



  • 1 Nights hotel in Nepalgunj
  • 1 Nights Jomsom
  • 19 Days Camping/Tea house


  • Airports pick up and drop
  • Domestic flight ticket Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Kathmandu
  • Nepalgunj to Juphal
  • Jomsom to Pokhara
  • Pokhara to Kathmandu


  • All meals (Breakfast/ lunch/dinner with teacoffee),
  • Accommodation in teahouses/Camping,
  • Sleeping bag/Camping Equipment
  • Down jackets,
  • Special Trekking permits,
  • English speaking guide,
  • Porter
  • All necessaries for Nepali Staff (all meals, accommodation in tea houses, equipments, salary, insurance etc)




  • Any bar bills (Mineral water, coke, beer etc),
  • Personal clothing's,
  • Personal expenses,
  • Emergency rescue charge,
  • Any unforeseen expenses
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